GAM generates a contemporary, diverse, and quality national and international artistic program. The offer consists mainly of own productions and creations selected through an open and national call for theater, dance, performance, circus, popular music, and visual arts. 

Along with its contemporary artistic programming and open spaces, the cultural center works for the development of audiences with meetings, workshops, talks, and special functions that promote the participation of audiences with less access to culture. 


GAM is a diverse and open meeting place. It has 22 thousand square meters in which there are ten rooms for theater, dance, circus, classical and popular music, visual arts, popular art, and conferences. There are also five squares and a library, BiblioGAM, specialized in performing and visual arts with open bookshelves and study and reading rooms. In addition, it has a recording studio, two shops, a cafeteria, a bookstore, and a restaurant. It is of universal and free access, from Monday to Sunday. BiblioGAM, squares, and exhibition halls can be accessed free of charge. 




Centro Gabriela Mistral, GAM, is a contemporary cultural center. The building that harbor it was a symbolic construction of both the Salvador Allende government and the dictatorship, which occupied it as the headquarters of the military junta after the 1973 coup.

GAM was inaugurated in 2010 as a milestone of the bicentennial to bring culture closer to all audiences. Its mission and name are inspired by the Centro Cultural Metropolitano Gabriela Mistral, inaugurated in 1972 and named after the poet and first Nobel Prize winner in Chile.

During its first decade of existence, GAM has established itself as a civic, cultural center and a meeting place for audiences.



To promote the access and encounter of people with art and culture through diverse, inclusive, and quality experiences, revealing their identity and historical significance.


To be the main cultural center in Chile and an international benchmark to exchange performing arts and cultural goods.




01. Training and knowledge transfer: Training (virtual or face-to-face) that promote the professionalization, valuation, and validation of the artistic-cultural sector, contributing to its formation and development as key agents of social change, through the transfer of knowledge by GAM professionals from the work experience of the cultural center. The sessions can specify specific difficulties and the programs are generated in conjunction with the beneficiaries. The agenda for these training should be reviewed in conjunction with GAM availability. A letter of participation is given to those who complete their attendance. There are several training modalities that can be articulated: Specifically, the topics refer to inclusion processes, audience training, and cultural marketing: communication strategies, technical and production experiences.


02. Guided tours: To learn about the secrets of GAM, discovering the history of the emblematic space that today houses the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral (Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center), there are three different face-to-face tours:

a) Historical tour: to get to know the building, its history, and heritage. The visit is a heritage tour that analyzes the space and modern artworks belonging to the original collection of UNCTAD III (1972), distributed in the GAM spaces;

b) Artistic route: allows a better understanding of the performing and visual arts, based on the spaces and collections of the Cultural Center. The visit seeks to understand the history, characteristics and how theater, visual arts and the role of the spectator has evolved, thanks to an interactive dynamic through three great moments of universal theater: classical theater, modern theater, and contemporary theater, or through the temporary exhibition in the GAM Visual Arts room;

c) Playful tour: guided visit for the little ones, including the interactive area GAM: Space created in conjunction with the Mustakis Foundation, which from technology and public participation present three contemporary artistic lines: theater, dance, and music. In addition, it aims to present the most important milestones in the history of Gabriela Mistral through a living book. The duration is approximately 1 hour and recovers the historical mission of the building, through the knowledge of the different stages from the original project (UNCTAD III), then the Centro Cultural Metropolitano Gabriela Mistral and later Edificio Diego Portales, until arriving today as the Centro Cultural GAM.

*There is also the digital possibility of approaching the heritage archive through its Digital Archive.     


03. Performances /programming: In-person circulation or digital mode for works available via Zoom.

GAM also articulates performances for circulation in festivals, meetings, or national and international instances of performing arts that are part of their productions or co-productions. We work together to raise instances that bring culture closer to the people and the dynamics and processes of national artists to different audiences.

We have plays that can go in person to different parts of the world, which we coordinate in circulation through the GAM teams. We also have projects that can be generated digitally.  With the pandemic, we have developed an area of new creative digital content that is programmed via Zoom and includes spaces for post-show conversations. All performances will require a previous agenda to check the availability of artists.


04. Rental of physical spaces: With unique conditions and equipment in the country, GAM has specific spaces for events. Its more than 22 thousand square meters house two buildings with a total of ten rooms for shows, rehearsals, exhibitions, and seminars; a library and a recording studio; as well as meeting and study rooms, cafeteria, restaurant, and large outdoor patios. GAM spaces are available for cultural or academic meetings, public use, and private or corporate activities. All of them have permanent free Wi-Fi.


05. Rental of digital spaces: GAM offers companies and institutions a digital platform for the rental of spaces that includes the production management of said instances: Platform for large-format trade shows: developed especially for GAM, it welcomes in a digital environment exhibitors, seminars, networking instances, shopping, among other services.


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