NAVE is a Creation and Residency Center for the Living Arts: dance, performance, music, theater and all its imaginable crossings.

Our mission is to support, collaborate and nurture the processes of creation and research of the Living Arts. Our main concern is dance and all the arts that reflect on the body. We are a meeting platform for artists and the community, and we seek to support artistic expressions in their multiple disciplinary crossings. 


We define ourselves as a center of experimentation that from movement and the body as the axis, seeks to reflect on new ways of making art in the present. Our priority is to facilitate creative work and artistic research by providing a quality place, through residency programs for these practices to unfold and transform.



NAVE is a Creation and Residence Center located in Barrio Yungay, in the heart of the city of Santiago de Chile, in heritage mansions recovered by the renowned national architect Smiljan Radic. The space opened its doors in September 2015 and is a project of Fundación Patrimonio Creativo.Since its inception, it has developed an innovative proposal offering professional spaces for the creation and production of national and international Living Arts through technical and creative residencies, providing a unique infrastructure, and being a key agent in the research and production of works. Today, it is one of the main spaces for co-production in contemporary dance; however, its work has expanded over time, generating content and knowledge, also becoming a management platform for territorial and community projects and training instances.



Support artistic creation, welcoming and favoring the creation and research processes of the Living Arts, promoting experimentation, contributing to their development and internationalization -as an agent that co-produces, disseminates, promotes, and circulates the artists, it supports and encourages the relationship between art and community.


To be leaders in supporting the creation of avant-garde, adding value and visibility to the processes, research, and knowledge that art generates in today’s society.




01. Residencies: In order to value the creative processes, NAVE develops creative-research residencies and technical residencies to accompany the artistic work. For this purpose, NAVE offers infrastructure (lodging, rooms, and studios equipped for this purpose) with integral accompaniment, together with the production, technical and communications team to support the creative process.


02. Co-productions: Along with supporting the creative processes, NAVE seeks to generate alliances and collaborations with national and international spaces to support the final stages of research and artistic production. NAVE’s co-productions seek to strengthen the mobility and internationalization of artists’ creation.


03. Performances: It offers national and international artistic programming thanks to the curatorial lines it develops, offering performances of stage works related to Dance and the Living Arts, which are usually part of cycles or specific focuses. For example: Ciclo Prácticas Para Estar Juntas (where women creators are invited to address issues of cooperation) or the Ciclo Otro Sur, which seeks to account for the present reflections that compose us as south.


04. TV Channel: Within its lines of action, NAVE has focused its efforts on generating digital content focused on the processes of creation and the visibility of artistic projects that seek to re-signify the languages of dance and Living Arts. NAVE TV is born in 2019 with interviews with national and international creators who give an account of their process, how they conduct research, and open their creative world.


05. Editorial: Digital and printed publications, which are born from the various contents developed by NAVE, thanks to the various seminars and meetings it organizes, this has allowed the creation of an editorial line where notions, concepts, and themes of creation are worked on.



01. Rental of spaces: NAVE has a 2,000 m2 building, designed for the living arts and especially for dance, and its versatile architecture has allowed us to develop various events in a heritage building in the heart of the Yungay neighborhood.

Our Sala Negra, a multifunctional and flexible theater allows to vary the arrangement of the public or to be used conventionally, since it has retractable grandstands, which has a capacity for 144 spectators and the possibility of extension to 170 seated people and has a technical control booth.

The building has a wing specifically dedicated to catering, with basic services and a freight elevator that allows distributing the logistics of any event within the different spaces of the building such as:

Our Rooftop has the installation of a circus tent, elevator access, and a privileged view of the Yungay neighborhood, Santiago, and the Andes Mountains.

We also have studios: Room 1 and Room 2 for private receptions, lectures, seminars, launches, and screenings, among others and Sala Blanca, a white cube, which joins the theatrical black box to function as a scenic device or as a special room for dance.


02. Production of corporate events: NAVE has the infrastructure and human resources, furniture and technical resources to carry out all types of corporate events production, with a unique seal provided by the NAVE event production team.


03. Booking of artists for events: NAVE has associated artists that offer specific services according to the needs of the event, dance, theater, concerts, personalized choreographies, meditations, among others.


04. Creative experiences for companies: exclusive creative experiences with NAVE artists for our clients: workshops, seminars, dance classes, etc.


05. Artistic curatorial services for national and international programming: NAVE provides exclusive programmatic content, proposing contents and programmatic approaches according to the needs of festivals or national and international cultural organizations. Examples of this are the successful curatorial services offered to the DAÑSFABRIK festival in Brest, Salmón in Barcelona, or Fringe from Edinburgh.


06. Guided tours: NAVE is located in the Yungay neighborhood in downtown Santiago de Chile, in a large patrimonial house built in the twentieth century and recovered by the architect Smiljan Radic and is an architectural attraction at national level, receiving all year-round tourists and architecture schools from around the world.


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